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Everything Everything Interview at Brooklyn Bowl

imageWe sat down with Everything Everything before their set at Brooklyn Bowl. They told us all about their favorite spots in Manchester, the new album, and their early influences.

Give it a listen:

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Check out our interview with Tom Burke from Citizens! before their set at The Music Hall of Williamsburg in Brooklyn. 

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We caught up with Bastille before their Manchester date at Night and Day in the Northern Quarter the week their new Flaws EP was released…

Interview with Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs


Orlando Higginbottom, the man who is Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, sits down with Katie Shepherd before his set at Parklife in Manchester to tell us all about his first album ‘Trouble’, which is released this week.

You decided to put tracks off of your previous EPs on this new album, ‘Trouble’. What was the reasoning behind that?
There are a couple of songs that I felt like it would be good to give them another shot. The first time I released those EPs with those tracks on it, no one was really listening, but those are the most popular tunes. So I figured as so many people liked them but not many people had heard them, we’d give them another opportunity. I think it’s quite a common thing to do with a first album. They are the tunes people picked up on first, so I feel like they should be a part of it. 

The first time I ever heard of you, one of my German friends had seen you at a festival and said I absolutely had to check you out. Do you think maybe the rest of Europe caught on to your sound before the UK? 
Germany has been really great, definitely. It’s kind of on a par with England I’d say at the moment, interestingly. The fans are different. The way that people digest music is different. They are more open and more enthusiastic and less kind of worried. I think a lot of English music fans, are kind of on a mission to find the new shit, which is great. It’s why I think England has such a healthy music scene, but sometimes I think it means you pass by some nice stuff. Anyway, the UK and Germany are the places things are kind of going best for me. 

You have a US tour coming up soon. How do you think the States are responding to you so far? Is that going to be a tour that will be kind of you pushing the music scene there? 
I don’t know. It’s such a huge country and electronic music is really booming at the moment, people calling it EDM, getting some of it horribly, weirdly wrong. But there is something great going on there, and whether I can make a mark on it or not, I’ll just go and do my thing. This will be my fourth trip there so we’ll see how it goes. I always like playing there and the last time I went which was about a month ago, it was all kind of sold out and really great crowds with lovely people. 

The whole persona of TEED, where does that come from? Did you feel like that was a part outside of yourself?
That’s me. There’s no kind of extra character or something like that. I just think people see something different because when I go on stage I wear my costumes or whatever, so there might be an idea that I’m putting on a character but that’s very much not the case. 

On your website you are letting people design your next headpiece. Was that your idea? 
The idea [began] doing a poster competition for my UK tour back in the end of last year and it kind of came from that, to do something else, another level of it. Yeah, it’s been really fun. I’ve had a couple of chances to look at what people have done but there’s 130 so it’ll take a while. There’s two prizes. So one is my vote and the other is the people’s vote. 

With you doing all of these festivals, are there any artists that you’re into or are shaping the way you are creating music? 
You know, it’s people who I’m not into just as much as people who I am into that kind of effect the way I want to make my music. When you see something bad, I find it just as kind of inspiring, there’s one use of the word, as when you see something really good. I really like festivals in terms of people playing because it’s the time when we artists actually get to see each other. The rest of the year, most of the time unless you’re at a festival in a different country, you don’t really get to cross paths that much. Suddenly, summer is when you get to hang out again, for albeit ten minutes backstage, that’s nice when you get to see everyone’s shows and DJ sets and stuff like that. Everyone enjoys it. 

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Johnny Get The Gun Interview

(photo courtesy of Lisa Murgatroyd) 

Johnny Get The Gun had a quick talk with us before their show in Manchester about how they sound a bit different from what people would expect. Give it a listen HERE

We caught up with The Staves on Record Store Day after their performance at Jumbo Record Store in Leeds to talk about their newly released EP. Check out what they had to say HERE. 

We caught up with The Staves on Record Store Day after their performance at Jumbo Record Store in Leeds to talk about their newly released EP. Check out what they had to say HERE